RWR Executive is an established credible brand of Retailworld Resourcing that exists to provide recruitment search and selection services to the Retail industry. Our specialist team has years of retail and recruitment industry experience, that combined with extensive contacts, robust business systems and processes ensures your assignment is managed effectively as we identify and present the right people.

Our executive retail team recruits for all disciplines within the retail sector including; senior operations, visual merchandising, planning, buying, e-commerce, marketing, production, HR & finance through to General Management and CEO .  RWR Executive has a broad talent pool across Australia and New Zealand, together we can discuss candidate sourcing strategies that are most suited to your business and vacancy needs.

The process:
Job brief -   Working exclusively with your dedicated account manager ensures a clear plan for a managed recruitment solution and outcome.  We will complete a full job review with you to determine the ideal candidates skills, experiences, leadership qualities and attributes. Your dedicated executive recruiter will take the time to understand your business and the expectations relating to the vacant role while working with you to build an all encompassing job brief. 

Establish a detailed timeline - when working on executive recruitment assignments it is important to have an agreed timeline, this is to ensure that key people involved in the recruitment are available for various stages of the interview process.  This can identify early on any calendar clashes and enable people to plan their travel to align with the recruitment timeline. 

Agree on Candidate Search Strategy - Your executive recruiter will consult with you on how you wish to approach the market, and tailor a search strategy to your business needs. Our extensive retail contacts will be approached for consideration, as well as advertising both online and in targeted industry journals, should this be of interest. 

The long list - Often for retail executive recruitment your account manager may meet with you to discuss market feedback and consideration of the long list (first cut) of candidates suited to your vacancy.  Further in depth interviews will be conducted with agreed candidates.

The short list - Depending on the particular role 3-5 candidates will be presented with a detailed candidate profile on their suitability in relation to your job brief. 

Client Interview 1, 2 and possibly meeting the Exec team or CEO - Depending on the seniority of the role and your business process, RWR Executive will facilitate interviews and gather feedback from both parties then agree on progression, including managing rejection of unsuccessful candidates through the process.

Reference checking - in the later stages of the process 2 reference checks will be completed.  We will discuss with you if there is any need to delve further into any particular area when we talk to the referees.
Psych profiling and any additional checking - some organisations have additional checking requirements, these are usually completed by 3rd party providers and are charged as an addition. Retailworld is happy to facilitate any of these requirements prior to presenting the candidate offer. 

Job offer - We facilitate the job offer with the agreed candidate and reject other candidates as we work through the process.  At the job offer stage we anticipate no surprises, as expectations of both parties have been managed and communicated throughout the process. We trust that you have an engaging onboarding process and that the new retail executive will be thriving in their new role.  We contact the placed candidate and you over the first 3 months to check-in on how they are going, ensure that the opportunity and candidate presented is living up to expectations.  Usually (over 85% of the time) everyone is happy, however, sometimes for reasons beyond all our control the person leaves your business - check out our Terms of Trade you should qualify for our replacement guarantee!

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