In the 2000’s, employer branding looked like Google’s funky pool tables with loud music playing, and hipster coffee machines. We're not saying all of that isn’t cool, however, today employer branding is so much more than workplace environments. 

Authentic Employer Branding is best described by your businesses market perception, that’s current employees, prospective employees, your customers, and the wider market and media. 

Employer brands are impacted by leadership, culture, values, behavior and reputation. A strong employer brand ensures that you are able to attract and retain the very best talent in the market.

We can aspire to have fabulous employer brands, however, it’s what's really going on and what people have to say that leaves the impression. 

Benefits of a strong employer brand include: 

  • Attraction and retention of high quality candidates
  • Improvements to organisational culture
  • High performing and cohesive teams
  • Positive customer experiences and interactions from an engaged workforce

Retailworld established Retail Employer of the Year, a not-for-profit awards program that recognises and celebrates Australasia’s leading retail employer brands. Over seven years on, hundreds of retail brands have continued to acknowledge the value of a strong employer brand and work hard to foster, prioritise, and promote this within their business.

Uniting as an industry and recognising retail brands doing a great job will enable the retail sector to attract and retain the best people in the market.

For more information about Retail Employer of the Year, click here.

If you need assistance in reviewing or developing your employer brand or, would like to talk further about the benefits of having a strong employer brand, contact us. 

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