As one of the world’s largest industries, we think more job seekers need to know about the exciting and diverse retail careers that exist. We are proud to represent and promote the retail  industry as a career of choice!

As recruiters we recognise the importance of a strong employer brand when attracting staff.  Taking this a step further we encourage our industry to stand together and promote our Retail Industry as a Career of Choice!  

Years of promoting retail careers and placing candidates into job across the retail industry led us to start an awards programme that recognises retail employers that promote their brands as employers of choice.  Check out
If you’d like more information on developing and marketing your employment brand contact us.

As an industry we should be loud and proud of our employment proposition and strive to attract the best talent the market has to offer. Retail offers a vibrant and thriving workplace, an industry that is commercial and progressive and the ability to choose a sector from Fashion to Technology, Large Format to FMCG.  Careers span job disciplines in retail operations roles through to eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources and Administration through to CEO .

The best way to achieve our goal “Retail is a Career of Choice”  is to share retail success stories, talk about the diversity of roles and career progression that exist within our sector.

Retailworld has developed initiatives to support our message including; career maps, career guides, mentoring programs, and career planning support.

We encourage the entire retail industry to proudly support and promote retail as a career of choice! Talk to us if you’d like to know more about our career maps, career guides, mentoring programs, and career planning support!