Trish McLean

Group CEO

Trish McLean is the CEO of RWR Group which includes specialist recruitment brands; RWR Health, Retailworld, and Hospoworld.

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John Caldwell

Group CEO

John Caldwell is the CEO of RWR Group which includes specialist recruitment brands; RWR Health, Retailworld, and Hospoworld.

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David Drew

Sales Director - Australia

David works closely with our Group CEOs and team to drive exceptional customer experiences to candidates and clients across all of our brands.

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Marcio Freitas

Group Accountant

Marcio is originally from Brazil and has lived in New Zealand for the past 8 years, he has a varied background but found his passion in Accounting.

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Jessica Fisher

Group Operations Manager

Our Operations superstar, Jess supports our global recruitment team and ensures we are efficient and working to best practice systems and processes.

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Chona Fe Mercado

Group Administrator

Whether its handling administrative duties, providing recruitment support, or just being a reliable assistant, Chona is committed to delivering top-notch results.

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Hope Brace

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hope lives and breathes all things digital!

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Rachel Shields

Agency Director - NSW, SA, ACT

Rachel started her retail career working in one of the most iconic sports fashion brands in the world.

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Katie Lopez

Senior Account Manager - NSW & ACT

Katie brings over 17 years of experience of retail, starting as a casual before discovering her love of everything retail-related - sales, brands, customer service and team development.

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Laura Anderson

Senior Account Manager - NSW & ACT

Laura’s retail career began 14 years ago, where she fell in love with understanding customer’s needs and translating that into warm and committed service.

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Samantha Ventra

Account Manager - NSW & ACT

Starting her retail career in 2013 Samantha excelled quickly working in various management roles across iconic Australian and international apparel and footwear retailers.

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Luisa Meza

Account Manager - NSW

With a strong people-centric attitude, Luisa has had a successful 16-year career in retail, where she worked in the fashion industry and the Luxury sector as a  manager. 

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Ashleigh Sweet

Candidate Manager - NSW

Ashleigh loves all things fashion and has a passion for helping people achieve their goals. With a background in fashion retail and operations, she understands the importance of finding the right role for each individual to excel in.

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Myles Cameron

Account Manager - ACT & SA

Myles began his retail career as a casual salesperson, where he swiftly fell in love with the fast paced, person-centred nature of the industry.

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Nick Miney

Agency Manager - VIC

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Ava Griffiths

Account Manager - VIC

Ava’s love for shopping, fashion and people is what drives her love for the retail world and finding the perfect fit for clients.

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Laurence Galvao-Statton

Account Manager - VIC

Starting his retail career as a Christmas casual Laurence quickly found his passion and kickstarted his career of over 10 fulfilling years in retail Management with some of Australia’s biggest Large-Format businesses.  

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Zoe Servos

Candidate Manager - VIC

Starting her career in a globally recognised Hospitality company, Zoe quickly developed a passion for all things people, leadership and training.

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Dean Roberts

Director - QLD

Dean is a passionate advocate for retail as a career of choice.

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Laura Jones

Account Manager - QLD

An experienced retail manager, Laura has worked in multiple roles across high-end department stores and the fashion space where she loved unleashing her visual merchandising creativity.

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Nicky Hume

Account Manager - QLD

Nicky loves all things retail-related from customer service, and people development to building a successful team.

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Elissa Crosswell

Director - WA

Elissa is passionate about developing people and building teams. She brings more than 20 years of retail management insight to her recruitment. 

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Hollie Robson

Account Manager - WA

Originally from the UK, Hollie moved to Australia in 2005 and never looked back! Hollie’s passion for people and building relationships led her to recruitment, she loves connecting people to new opportunities and being a part of their career journey.

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Danielle Dunn

Agency Director - AKL

Danielle’s role as Agency Director sees her lead a team of motivated Account Managers across the Executive and Shopfront space.

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Dana Maruska

Executive Team Leader - AKL

With 12+ years or retail and wholesale experience in varying roles across NZ & Australia, Dana applies her hands-on industry knowledge to specialised executive retail recruitment at Retailworld.

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Georgia Hinton

Shopfront Team Leader - AKL

Georgia's career started in the fashion industry at a young age, evolving into senior leadership positions, HR within the beauty world, and then onto recruitment which she defines as her greatest passion.

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Katy Miles

Account Manager - AKL

Katy is a well-seasoned retailer with over 20 years of experience spanning across both the New Zealand and Australian retail sectors.

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Vanessa Stevenson

Director - Lower North Island

Vanessa is our Lower North Island Rock-Star and Director. 

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Stuart Armstrong

Director - South Island

Stuart is part of the powerhouse Recruitment team for the South Island, having moved from Melbourne to Christchurch to take the business on!

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Aligned values are key factors you should consider when choosing a supplier to represent your personal or employment brand.  We’re proud of who we are and strive to work with like-minded people and organisations.


People are the glue at the centre of our values. We work as one to achieve success together. We ooze passion and live life to its fullest.


Delight Stakeholders and leave them with a lasting impression. Exceed expectations by delivering 100% of what we say we will; consistently. We’re all about straight talking - under promise and over deliver. We strive to look after the best interests of all our stakeholders.


We believe in corporate responsibility to give back to our industry and communities while remaining profitable.  This allows us to push the boundaries of success and maximise potential. It’s not just about money.