Trish McLean

Group CEO

Trish McLean is the CEO of RWR Group which includes specialist recruitment brands; RWR Health, Retailworld, and Hospoworld.

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John Caldwell

Group CEO

John Caldwell is the CEO of RWR Group which includes specialist recruitment brands; RWR Health, Retailworld, and Hospoworld.

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Jacki Macri

Executive Assistant

Jacki has always been the ‘organiser and coordinator’ amongst her family and friends.

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Shaun Crowley

Group Accountant

As our Group Accountant, Shaun takes care of all things finance for each of our brands.

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Anna Hay

Group Accounts Assistant

Anna is our accounts and administrative rock star with a background of experience to boot!

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Jessica Fisher

Group Operations Executive

Jessica is our Operations superstar! She supports our global recruitment team and ensures we are efficient and working to best practice systems and processes.

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Leigh Sack

Group Operations Assistant

Leigh is devoted to delivering results and helping others achieve their goals too!

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Hope Brace

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hope lives and breathes all things digital!

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Rachel Shields

Agency Manager - NSW

Rachel started her retail career working in one of the most iconic sports fashion brands in the world.

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Katie Fullham

Executive Account Manager - NSW

Katie values the development of teams and having the right people in them. Finding the best role for job seekers is her absolute passion.

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Rhiannon Hall

Executive Candidate Manager - NSW

Rhiannon is a cat lover who enjoys hot yoga, scenic walks, and wining and dining across Sydney.

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Dean Roberts

Senior Account Manager - NSW

Dean is a passionate advocate for retail as a career of choice.

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Rebekah Keesing

Account Manager - NSW

Having previously been in retail management for over 5 years, Rebekah has lead teams from a young age.

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Guy MacBeth

Account Manager - NSW

With over 10 years of Retail Management, Guys experience spans across local and international businesses in both Sydney and Melbourne. 

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Lucy Lyttelton

Shopfront Team Leader - VIC

Starting her Retail career in NZ, Lucy has an abundance of experience across Australasia.

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Brooklyn Harvey

Senior Account Manager - VIC

Brooklyn has 9+ years of retail experience within large-scale fast fashion footwear and smaller scale boutique clothing stores.

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Czechkone Citroen

Executive Account Manager - VIC

Czechkone's greatest passion and pride is People.

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Isabelle Bonaventura

Account Manager - VIC

Isabelle is a passionate retailer, leader and shopper! Her talents include talking underwater(!), people management, and sales.

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Joanna Scott

Account Manager - VIC

Joanna has almost 20 years in people management, she's a true retailer following her passions.

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Ariana Heta

Director - ACT/SA/WA/QLD

From humble beginnings as a Retail Assistant for a notable Australian fashion retailer, Ariana has experienced the true pathways of a career in Retail.

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Zeny Moorfield

Agency Manager - ACT & SA

A combined love of people and fashion has fuelled Zeny’s Retail career for more than 22 years.

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Bronwyn Bell

Resourcer - SA & ACT

Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, Bron was known as the ‘closer’ in her former retail days, coming in to finish off work. 

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Adi Hunter

Agency Manager - QLD

Humble beginnings as a Christmas casual saw Adi find her feet in retail. She fell in love with making her customers happy and the thrill of closing a sale. She loved it so much she stayed for 26 years!

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Candice Barkey

Account Manager - QLD

Ever since she won the award for ‘Fashion with Flair’ at her year 5 school camp, Candice knew retail was in her future.

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Elissa Crosswell

Agency Manager - WA

Elissa is passionate about developing people and building teams. She brings more than 20 years of retail management insight to her recruitment. 

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Danielle McFadyen

Agency Manager - AKL

Danielle’s role of Agency Manager sees her lead a team of motivated Account Managers across the Executive and Shopfront space as well as two RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourced) teams.

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Dana Maruska

Executive Team Leader - AKL

With 12+ years or retail and wholesale experience in varying roles across NZ & Australia, Dana applies her hands-on industry knowledge to specialised executive retail recruitment at Retailworld.

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Natasha Calvert

Executive Candidate Manager - AKL

Building rapport and lasting relationships is second nature to Natasha, and she believes its key to being successful in any business.

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Pearl Pitchford

Resourcer - AKL

In her free time, you will either find Pearl throwing paint around canvas’s like Bob Ross or, escaping the city to explore...

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Sophie Kennedy

Account Manager - AKL

Originally from the UK, Sophie is our Auckland Account Manager specialising in the Fashion space!

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Vanessa Stevenson

Director - Lower North Island

Vanessa is our Lower North Island Rock-Star and Director. 

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Stuart Armstrong

Director - South Island

Stuart is part of the powerhouse Recruitment team for the South Island, having moved from Melbourne to Christchurch to take the business on!

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Dianne Little

Director - South Island

Dianne is known as the energiser bunny. Always on the go, never gives up, and highly driven to achieve what she sets her mind to!

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Francesca Howorth

Talent Manager - Managed Recruitment Partnership

Francesca is originally from the UK and has found herself at home in "The Land of the Long White Cloud".

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