Although you’re in control of your career, sometimes it can feel as though you’re travelling a squiggly line to get ahead. 

There is a difference between planning your career and changing jobs.  A job change can be circumstantial, maybe you’re looking for work life balance, a change of leadership or more money? Ideally, when you change jobs, ensure the next move aligns with your overall career plan.

Plan your career. Know what motivates you and what you want to achieve, then ensure that any role change is progressing your skill set and career aspirations positively. Sometimes a move sideways is an option to move forward in the future. Keep an open mind and think about the bigger picture, “what’s in it for me?”.

When planning your career, ask yourself:

  • What’s your ultimate job (and maybe employer brand)?
  • What is the skill gap between your current role and your ideal role?
  • What motivates you

What’s happens next?

  • Develop your own strong and reputable personal brand. Your reputation in the market and connections can influence and affect your career progression.
  • Over-achieve your key performance indicators, targets, and budgets.
  • Adopt an industry mentor, you can talk to us about this!
  • If necessary, consider upskilling and closing any experience gaps with training and development courses.
  • Keep your resume as an open and working document, update it at least annually.


Keep in mind…

  • Job opportunities can be found with brands or businesses that you may never have considered working for.
  • Be open to going back to a brand or business that you have previously worked for.
  • Consider working for smaller businesses where responsibilities and tasks are often broader to develop your experience and skill.
  • Your worldliness and life experience will set you aside from others, it makes you relatable to more people and situations. Be proud of your life experience and adventures!

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