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Why you should care about employment branding

As recruitment specialists, we know how difficult employee attraction and retention can be. We also know that your employment brand influences future employees that come knocking, and when we talk about employment branding, we don’t just mean flexible working hours and ping pong tables in the office!

Would your employees plug your business to their networks? Would they rave about the internal culture to their friends and family or on social media?

Engaged or not, as stakeholders, your employees are your brand ambassadors too. What they have to say about your business when they get home (and during work hours) may leave a longer impression than your last financial report. If the claims and actions of your business’s employment brand aren’t implemented and practised, your reputation as an employer of choice is on the line.

That being said, it’s worthwhile knowing how your business’s employment brand stacks up against others. Get involved in employment branding awards or programs like Retail Employer of the Year to find out how your employment brand is perceived or benchmarked in the market.

Retail Employer of the Year recognises brands that the general public feels embrace and promote outstanding employment branding in the retail industry. By investing in your business’s brand and using these programs as a benchmarking tool, you’re far more likely to improve your reputation as an employer of choice and improve your business’ ability to attract and retain the best talent.

To discuss your business’s employment brand, contact your local Retailworld agency for a confidential discussion.