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We are Millennials - an introduction

Whatever you refer to them as and wherever you search about them, the Millennial generation is misunderstood and needs to be embraced.

For the sake of ‘We are Millennials’ and for future reference, let’s settle with Millennials being those born between 1980 and 1996. But a disclaimer for anyone invested in literature and discussions about this generation, depending on where or what you’re reading, the exact age demographic of Millennials will differ.

Millennials seem to get the worst reputation and smack talk out of all the preceding generations. Stereotypes have well and truly developed where people are labelling Millennials with somewhat negative traits and behaviour tendencies.

Since Millennials and the future ‘Generation Z’ are proving to be very different to those before them, why do we associate them with certain behaviours or traits? Why aren’t we changing our views about them? Why aren’t we embracing the way they work and approach situations or challenges? And, why aren’t we talking more about how businesses can actually benefit from employing and embracing them?

Another disclaimer; this campaign was produced and written by ‘Millennials’, so let’s change the tense and tone of this… Are we really that bad?

‘We are Millennials’ has been developed and produced to hear and share real talk from real Millennials – the raw truth about what we want out of our careers, the career challenges we face, and our view of the world and the future. We want to show other generations that we do want to work, but with a different approach.

Over the coming weeks, through a series of blogs and videos, you’ll have the opportunity to agree and maybe disagree with our opinions.

We hope that employers or managers can take away some new and positive ideas or perceptions of us and that our fellow Millennials realise that our behaviour, traits, and challenges are shared amongst us all!

Yours truly,

A Millennial.