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Unemployed? Unique ways to up-skill

Given the current circumstances with Covid-19, you may be faced with redundancy, reduced working hours or stuck at home in isolation. Using this spare time could be a career-defining opportunity to upskill. 

When you are asked interview questions you’ll be able to demonstrate initiative and stand out from the crowd with your proactive approach. Invest in yourself, learn a new skill, master a craft, nurture your intellect. 

Where to start… A Google search, a YouTube video or perhaps a Reddit thread - you name it, the internet has plenty of resources and inspiration. Whichever you choose there will no doubt be a tutorial or how-to guide.

We’ve compiled a list of some great online resources to get you thinking…. 

It’s been around for a while but the novelty of completing a daily challenge doesn’t diminish. With over 90 languages to choose from Duolingo provides a fun environment to help you learn a new language. Download it from the App Store and you’ll be fluent in no time. ¿bueno?
Why Duolingo: many high-end luxury brands like retail employees that can speak a second language, it helps them relate better to a board customer base. 

Google Digital Garage:
With the world heading online keeping up with the times is essential. Google offers a range of courses from introductory to advance on all things digital. An intro into JavaScript, how to improve your online business security, maybe you’ve always wanted to know what data science is? Some of the courses will even give you a google certification which is a great addition to your CV.
Why Google Digital Garage: develop skills that are attractive to an online retail business. 

TED Talks:
A vast range of thought-provoking content personalised just for you? At an average length of 18 minutes, why not break up your day with a talk on something that throws a curveball at your regular thought process. Curate your own list or see here for the twenty best ones to get you started.
Why Ted Talks: Hear from specialists, you can spend hours surfing inspirational Ted Talks on any topic that interests you.

LinkedIn Learning:
With thousands of courses, LinkedIn Learning is a great place to start, search for courses such as: software, skills, specialist subjects or personal development. Maybe you want to learn Photoshop 101? Or start building a career path into sales management? Perhaps a crash course on SEO writing? The first month is free, so have a browse, build a curriculum and get started today. 
Why LinkedIn Learning: There are over 500 courses on retail-specific topics.