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"Ugh, Millennials."

Self-entitled, lazy, narcissistic, and addicted to social media are some, among the many adjectives and behaviours used to describe ‘Millennials’. But why are we given these labels and are they even true?

While each of us are unique in our own way, we were all raised in a fast moving society where technological advancements began to rapidly develop and emerge around us. Fortunately, these advancements occurred at the perfect age for us to absorb and retain many of those developments and ways of thinking. Some believe it’s those, among other aspects of our upbringing, that contribute to the way we think and behave as we do.

Instead of seeking to understand who we are, what we want, and how or why we get things done, we are still seeing society and businesses opting to negatively label, misunderstand, and underutilise us as individuals.

We approach problem solving and situations differently. We’re typically more confident and ambitious to take on risks that preceding generations wouldn’t have considered. Perhaps this is where these negative labels stem from? But like it or not, we’re shaking things up and entrepreneurially, we’re succeeding.

Seeking to understand us appears to be the challenge, but it’s only in doing so that you’ll uncover our positive’s, take us in your stride, and capitalise on what we have to offer as a generation.

Changes in society and business are happening all over and for the better. If you can’t let go of those labels and begin to understand us, you or your business might get left behind.

Yours truly,

A Millennial.