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Thinking outside the box

The stars can align, where the “perfect” candidate has both the desired skill set and the relevant retail experience. However, more often than not, that unicorn doesn’t exist. Expanding your recruitment search strategy to a wider talent pool beyond Retail, is thinking outside the box.

The following functions are well-suited to a broad search strategy and the possibility of a candidate with transferable skills from another industry:

  • Administration/Support
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Account Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Property
  • Select Executive & Board Appointments

Seek advice on the best approach for your candidate sourcing solution, including identifying when a sourcing strategy could expand beyond traditional channels and add maximum value to your recruitment process. If the skill set and candidate fit are right for your business culture, values, and integrity, you're opening the door to a massive pool of talent. 

Talk to your local Retailworld Recruitment consultant about an RWR Executive search strategy