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The importance of keeping a daily routine

Over the last couple of months, our lives have changed drastically. What was once our normal commute, Friday morning tea and office banter have disappeared and our lives have adjusted to working from home. It’s important more than ever to continue structuring your day.

Keeping a daily routine throughout this time will help your mental health and provide you with a sense of stableness while navigating your life through COVID-19’s uncertainties. 
Whether you are working from home or spending time job searching its important structure your day as if you are at work.

The simple steps below will help set up your day.

  • Set your alarm and wake up when you usually would. Save the time you used to use for commuting to walk around the block or an early morning yoga session. 
  • Get ready as if you are going into the office. Yes, this means getting out of your pyjamas. Albeit you may only put on activewear, but it does help get you in the right headspace.
  • Choose a dedicated workspace. If possible keep this separate to your bedroom and choose a space with natural light.
  • Structure your day as you would at work, write a to-do list in order of everything you want to achieve. Ticking it off will make you feel accomplished, the small wins count! 
  • Remember to take small breaks throughout the day, make a tea/coffee or phone a colleague or friend to see how their day is going. 
  • Set a dedicated lunch break to get some fresh air and stretch your legs, if you used to go to the gym then don’t let being at home stop you from keeping exercise as part of your routine. 
  • Log off and quit working when the day is done. It is important to switch off and enjoy ‘going home’. Spend time with those around you and enjoy their company.