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Retaining your people

The new year is often a time of significant change in the employment market. With candidates evaluating their future and career plans, now is the time to make sure you’re positioned to retain your people. The disruption, time, and cost of hiring new staff often outweighs that of looking after the great talent that you already have.  

We’re sharing Retailworld’s 4 tips and areas to consider and take action, helping to ensure that you retain the rockstars in your team.

  1. Know what motivates your people. What gets your people through a bustling service or night shift? Hint: Not everyone is motivated by the same thing! For example, flexible roosters, career progression, and money. 

  2. Check your culture, leadership style, remuneration, benefits and incentives on offer. Are these components aligned with their motivations?

  3. When was the last time someone was internally promoted? Do you support your people with ongoing training, development and attractive career progression opportunities?  Make sure your people know their future can be with your business.

  4. Share your business success and growth plans! Keeping your team in the dark about areas your business plans to expand on or has succeeded in isn’t ideal. The nature of  Retail is front-facing and service driven. Your people have the biggest impact on the service delivery and customer satisfaction of your business. Your people are a part of that success, so share it with them & let it be known that they’re a part of a successful/growing or expanding business.

These tips aren’t rocket science, likewise, adapting and making progress with any of the tips above won't cause change overnight. Hopefully, we’ve made it clear that the idea is to excite your people in order to retain them. Give them a reason to be happy about the job they’re returning to after a break.

If you identify in needing to adjust to 1 or all of the points above, now is a great time to get started!