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Resigning isn't all that bad! Here's why...

The way in which you handle your resignation is just as important as the way you handle any job interview - typically, you’re on your best behaviour!

  1. Be professional and honest at all times. Once you’ve decided to resign, tell your manager immediately – and preferably in person. Never resign by text or email. One day you may need a reference from your previous employer, acknowledge all that you’ve learned during your time with the company, and be appreciative.
  2. Be reasonable with your notice period. Demanding to be let go because your new employer wants you to start straight away will not go down well. If your contract says one month’s notice is required, then that is what you should do unless an agreement can be reached amicably. Your previous employer will need to find your replacement and that takes time.
  3. Be the best human you can be when it’s your turn to make the change. Until your last day, work as hard in the role as you have all along. You never know when that door may open again for you in your future, directly or indirectly.

Your resignation should be a positive experience where you leave a lasting impression with your soon-to-be former employer. Remember, your manager is human too and has been in your shoes.