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Lowes - REOTY Winners Q&A

Celebrated across Australia and New Zealand, Retail Employer of the Year recognises businesses that embrace, promote, and have outstanding employment brands. 

Businesses campaign and generate votes by asking the general public, past and current employees a simple question: “If you could pick one brand or business to work for, who it would be?” The businesses with the most votes - submitted at, across each of the three categories are recognised and announced as Retail Employer of the Year Finalists and Winners. 

Well into our second of three campaign months for Retail Employer of the Year, this year we’re excited to be sharing insights from last years REOTY Winners. 

The Q&A for our 2019 Retail Employer of the Year Finalist and Large Category Winner in Australia was completed by Jason Heap, Head of People at Lowes. Jason has been at Lowes for 12 years where he comments, “a very diverse workforce makes it a rich and rewarding workplace.” Jason has also shared insights including 3 tips for businesses starting their employment brand positioning journey. 

Tell us what it's like to work at Lowes:

Lowes is a really great place to live, it’s very team-based and the people here and the company really do care for others in the organisation.  Work-life balance is real here and that goes back decades. A very diverse workforce makes it a rich and rewarding workplace. While we are focused on results we have a fun culture that rewards people with a sense of humour. We don’t tolerate people who upset others, that just doesn’t work in our environment.

What does your business do to foster the culture that you aspire to have?

Being a 120-year-old business, the culture has been in place for a long time and the family who own it have lived that culture for the 4 decades they have owned the business. While the culture always evolves, it never strays too far from the core family values of respect, balance, and success.

What do you think positions the Lowes employment brand to stand out or apart from your competitors?

Our brand is so iconic that it brings both positives and negatives to our employee brand. For those people who are attracted to our brand, we also have people who are not. From an employment brand, we sometimes have to reach out beyond our marketing brand. Being successful in the Retail Employer of the Year awards is a great way of showing that we have more to offer than something just from our marketplaces brand.

What do you believe is the biggest benefit to your business in relation to your employment brand?

Being such a well-known brand in the general public means that most people know who we are and what we do. Especially in regards to retail staff.

If you were advising a business starting their employment brand positioning journey, what 3 tips would you give them to get started?

1. Work out what you really do well as an employer and make sure you continue to deliver on it.

2. Don’t sell a brand as anything that it is not. 

3. Look at your competitors, what they do well and what they are missing.

Voting and campaigning for Retail Employer of the Year is open until Thursday, 31st October. Finalists and Winners will be announced later in November. For more information, contact your local Retailworld office or, visit