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Life after lockdown - the habits we should keep

Throughout the last few months our lives changed drastically, many people lost their jobs as a result of businesses closing downs, events were cancelled, we all moved online to try and carry on with as much ‘normality’ as possible.

While there were trying times, and our mental stamina was tested, there were also positive repercussions of lockdown. And now, as restrictions begin to ease we need to ask ourselves: What are the healthy habits we developed? And, how can we keep at it now that things are returning to the ‘new’ normal? 

Healthy Hygiene - There’s no arguing that COVID-19 increased the awareness and importance of hygiene measures. Washing hands regularly is a habit consumers have embraced and is likely to stay. Continue to use hand sanitizer after going to the shops, restaurants, or wherever you may have been. Remember to wipe down products, work stations etc.

Working from home - Opting to have video conference meetings where possible and staying at home eliminates unnecessary travel, risk of community transmission and boosts efficiency. Remote working and video conferencing for most is here to stay.

Making time for yourself - Passion projects and hobbies have reminded us that life can be more than just the workday grind. They help us learn more about ourselves and develop skills. Carving out more time or simply unplugging and being outside is one that will stay on the healthy habits list indefinitely. Check out our blog on unique ways to upskill here.

Planned Shopping - Consumers should continue to do their food shopping weekly instead of more frequently. By making shopping lists and being more organised, the risk of contamination is minimized and allows you more time to focus on other things rather than heading to the supermarket. 

Home Cooked Meals - With the closure of restaurants and no choice but to becoming a budding Gordon Ramsy, a lot of people have discovered the joy of cooking, and many of us would like to keep up this healthy habit. Not only are we enjoying delicious and healthy foods we bring to the table, we’re also enjoying the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of doing it ourselves. 

Prioritising Exercise - More time spent at home has meant more time to focus on incorporating exercise into your daily routine. The benefits of keeping your body healthy and fit are immeasurable, try to keep this up by finding an exercise buddy to keep you accountable or subscribe to one of the endless channels on youtube for inspiration. Even a daily walk around the block makes a difference!

Connecting with Friends and Family - Many of us went months without seeing our friends, families and loved ones. We found ourselves having more video calls, phone chats and even reconnecting with people we haven’t spoken to in a while. Be sure to keep this up and make time whenever you can to check in with your loved ones. Having these chats is important for your mental health and happiness, and puts everything in perspective.