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How to identify an online job scam

With the copious amounts of accessible information online, it can sometimes be difficult to identify a scam when you see one. Job scams are very real and becoming increasingly prevalent in Australia and New Zealand. Engaging with these fake recruiters and vacancies can expose you and your personal information making you vulnerable. 

Scammers advertise jobs the same way legitimate employers do — online (in ads, on job sites, social media, and Whatsapp.) They promise you a job, but in reality, what they want is your money and your personal information. 

There are many precautionary steps you can take to ensure the safety of your personal information and to determine whether it is a legitimate opportunity or not:

First and foremost do an online search. Look up the name of the company and the person you are talking to - check that the person does in fact work for that business and that their email address/phone number matches that of which is contacting you.

Be vigilant - Closely examine the messages you receive and check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Are messages and calls received inside or outside of usual office hours? This can indicate that the person you are talking to is operating from a foreign country or is in a different time zone, making them more likely to send messages at inappropriate hours.

If you are being contacted over Whatsapp check the number sending the messages - it should have the correct country code AU (+61) / NZ (+64). If the number changes frequently 
this can suggest illegitimacy. 

Put a face to the name - any reputable recruiter will want to meet via face-to-face or video chat before progressing to an offer - if the person you are messaging doesn't include this as part of their ‘recruitment process’ or refuses to do this, it can be a warning sign. 

Requesting payment or investment up front - this includes paying for things like equipment starter kits or asking to make purchases on behalf of the company that you will be reimbursed for later. Legitimate employers will never ask you to pay to get a job. 

Retailworld has proudly operated in Australia and New Zealand for 23 years, we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of personalised service. We will never ask a job seeker for payment in relation to an opportunity. 

If you think you have provided your personal information such as tax or IRD number, bank account details, Medicare or provided payment to an ‘employer’ in order to work then we highly recommend you contact your bank immediately and report the scam via Cert NZ or Australian Cyber Security Centre