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Game Changing Pivot

One of the biggest opportunities that came out of the GFC was pivoting the business from corporate-owned and operated to a franchise model. 

John had previously successfully owned and managed multiple restaurants as a franchisee, as well as holding a national corporate role with the franchisor - he had experienced the benefits of franchising and knew the growth potential that this model could provide.

The Retailworld and Hospoworld brands were building momentum after the GFC, the market was bouncing back. In late 2010 RWR Group transitioned to a franchise model with a mix of franchised and corporate agencies, within the first 8 months, 8 franchises were sold!

The change brought a great, diverse mix of people including existing staff within RWR Group to clients from the industry who saw the opportunity to take a step into owning their own business. Retailworld’s first franchise in Auckland was Brad Mann, a special moment for John and Trish made all the more special because he was the partner of Retailworld’s Marketing Manager at the time.

Trish and John as mentors to each franchisee, paired with the backing of our support office team (Operations Finance and Marketing) ensures that every franchise is set up and enabled to be successful. 

When it comes to best-practice systems, processes and marketing John and Trish had the recipe for success.

John summed up the move to franchising and the subsequent shift within the business perfectly:
“We love that we’ve been able to provide the opportunities for our team to become business owners and see their personal growth and success. Having our own people believe in us so much that they want to invest is a remarkable feeling. To this day our some of our most successful franchisees are internal people who love our brand so much that they choose to invest. All of our franchises are our proudest accomplishments.”

RWR Group is experiencing growth as we emerge from the Covid19 pandemic, if you are interested in becoming a franchisee with the group contact us to discuss current and future opportunities.