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Examples of Personalization to try in your Retail Business

Personalization for consumers is fast becoming an expected necessity in today's world. The experience it brings makes your customers feel important and valued, shows that you understand their needs and in turn will drive the sales of your product. If you are a smaller business the journey to personalization may seem complex, however, there are small steps you can take to introduce this to your sales process. 

Many of the instore conversations you have with customers can be framed slightly differently to take the buyer on a personal journey. So, what are some innovative and unique experiences retail and hospitality businesses across Australia and New Zealand are offering?

Pier One in Sydney has an in-house “Hand Sanitiser Sommelier”. Particularly relevant in today's life, Pier One has curated a list of sanitisers made of Australian aromatics, spices and botanicals. Their Sommelier will talk you through the different options and notes and you can give then all a try - pairing you with the perfect hand sanitiser. 

Makeup giants Mecca are offering virtual consultations via video call. There are 4 virtual consults you can choose from to cover all your needs - Skincare, Makeup, Fragrance and Beauty. You simply book online and one of their experts will contact you at the arranged time. You can discuss anything with your expert, from how to do a facial at home or a step by step makeup tutorial. 

Skincare experts Aesop are offering a guided one on one store experience. Hand sanitiser is provided upon entry and they discuss your skincare. They then walk you through the store and discuss all of the products they suggest would work best for you while offering sample sizes to take home and try before you purchase. 

The Hilton Hotel is offering full mobile experience, make your booking and choose your room through the app, once you arrive at the hotel check-in using the app and be notified when the room is ready. Your mobile phone acts as the room key, it also works with smartwatches!

The Hospitality and Retail industry rely on experience to keep customers coming back. Being innovative with the latest ideas and technology allows them to offer those fresh, personalised experiences that customers are seeking. What are some of the ways you’re offering personalization to your customers?