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Are you finding it challenging to secure top talent for your team?

Are you finding it challenging securing the perfect new addition to your team? Or have you found the perfect candidate only to have them change their mind and back out before the start date? 

Now more than ever we are noticing reluctance from candidates to change jobs, mainly due to living in such uncertain times which results in prioritising job security over their long-term career aspirations. There are steps you can take as an employer to overcome this and attract top talent into your business. 

Have a strong, clearly defined recruitment process. This ensures that your talent is engaged and stays engaged throughout the interview process, offer phase, acceptance and through to their start date. Communication is key, and will leave a lasting impression on your candidate that shows you are actively engaged with their recruitment. 

Communicating and addressing any concerns and reservations your candidate may have during every step of the recruitment process is essential. You don’t want to get to the offer stage only to have your desired candidate decline because they are having second thoughts or don’t feel confident that it's the right choice for them. Remember to put yourself in their shoes, changing jobs at any given time is a huge step let alone during a worldwide pandemic.

As it's an uncertain time for businesses when you’re hiring be conscious and realistic with your offer and be sure that your company can support a new employee with little reservations or modifications. If you think there is a possibility that circumstances will change be sure to lay it all out when you give the job offer.  Ensure that the company and the candidate are on the same page this way there are no surprises for your potential new hire.

Provide opportunities for learning & development, invest in your employee’s and potential employees by showing them you have the facilities in place to develop their skills and grow within your organisation. This shows that you are committed to nurturing a long-lasting relationship.

Because of how competitive the current retail market has become, we have found companies are attracting top candidates with non-monetary perks and the experience they provide. You might consider adding flexible work hours, team building activities/incentives or extended parental leave as part of a remuneration package. 

Candidates are no longer the only ones being “interviewed” during the hiring process, potential new starters are also evaluating your company too. First impressions count and your recruitment process is the first insight a candidate will have to how your business operates and looks after their team. 

If you want some help identifying where your recruitment process can be improved, our team are more than happy to have a chat and help you figure out a plan to ensure your vacancies are filled with high-quality candidates that will enable your business to grow and succeed. Find the office closest to you here.