Humble beginnings as a Christmas casual, saw Adi find her feet in retail. She fell in love with making her customers happy and the thrill of closing a sale. She loved it so much she stayed for 26 years!

Adi worked her way up the ranks from a full-time Manager in Training, to Store Manager for an International luxury Brand. Then, Adi, was approached to assist in opening 30 stores nationally as Project Manager. Following this, she spent 5 years as a Regional Manager.

Born and bred in Qld, on weekends Adi can be found dining out with friends - yes it usually involves wine! Or spending time clearing her mind connecting with the beautiful QLD nature while walking her fur baby, with husband in tow. 

Adi appreciates humble beginnings and is committed to life long learning.

Take the first step, or maybe leap, put faith in your ability and use your passion to propel you forward. Who knows where your journey will take you? Adi will be right by your side as the Agency Manager of Retailworld Queensland.