How to answer:

How to answer: "Any questions for me?"

If you have ever interviewed a candidate no doubt you’ve asked “So, any questions for me?” This question is so important as it gives insight into yourself as a manager, the team dynamic and the overall business. It also gives an indication into what your potential new team member really cares about. So when the interview tables turn, no need to fear, we’ve compiled the most common interview questions candidates may ask, and how to answer them.

How would you describe the culture of the business?
This is probably one of the first questions that will be asked, where the candidate is looking to gauge whether the company and team culture aligns with what they’re looking for. They may ask about what you would like to change. Be honest about how things are - setting an unrealistic expectation may mean that you are re-recruiting the role a few months down the track.

Can you tell me about your ideal employee?
No job-seeker is not looking for an answer  along the lines of ‘Sarah the Store Manager’. Coming from retail they’re expecting to hear answers along the lines of hard-working, driven, team-player, or sales focused. Dive into the WHY of why ‘Sarah the Store Manager’ is an ideal employee in your book. The candidate is looking to see if their own qualities align with your response. 

What do you love about coming to work? 
A manager who dreads the thought of coming in each morning will rub that attitude off on their team and impact morale. An engaged manager who cares for the company, its purpose and seeing their team succeed will make the all the difference. Be as positive as you can and even mention the great office coffee machine (or your equivalent) if you must! 

Having these answers prepared is a sure fire way to show that you’re invested in working for the company and building a solid team, it will also show the candidate that you’ve taken the time to put in some effort and prepare for their interview questions.